500Mb/6Gb Traffic

> 99.9% Uptime

Daily Back Up


Plesk Control Panel

Web Traffic Analyzer

Up to 50 users

POP3 and Web E-mail

Miva Script and Others

dbf/MySQL Databases

Secure Server (128bit)

Many more options


For just $25 per month (+ GST)

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500Mb Storage and 6Gb Traffic

Your typical website is unlikely to exceed 10 megabytes in size with most under 5 Mb so the 500 Meg allowance is more than enough for most applications. If for some reason you do need more it's easy and cheap to add. (eg.$5/month for an extra 500Mb). 6 gigabytes traffic is another generous allowance that would rarely be exceeded. Even if you do go over your limit we won't panic but if you start stretching your limit regularly we may formally have to allocate more traffic to you. Again it's cheap to do so. (eg. $5/month for an extra 6Gb)  













Greater then 99.9% uptime

Our hosting servers are located within a top class New Zealand facility. With industry leading hardware and software from reputable companies you can be assured of top performance(faster page loading for your visitors) and reliability(better than 99.9% uptime).  













Daily Backup

In the unlikely event of a mishap with our servers, a daily backup is performed so that all your files will be available for immediate restoration. 













FTP accounts and Subdomains

With each account we automatically set up an ftp account for you so you can upload files to your site using ftp(file transfer protocol). To do this you also need an FTP Manager. These are very efficient at uploading a large number of files such as a whole website. 

Up to 15 Subdomains
A subdomain is a convenient way of creating different sections of your website. For instance if your domain is www.mydomain.co.nz then a subdomain could be www.admin.mydomain.co.nz (a special part of your site for staff) 













Plesk Web-Based Control Panel

When you open your account with us we will set up your site with your preferred settings, email addresses and so forth. However you still have lots of control over features and settings yourself through the easy to use control panel which you access with your username and password. On your Plesk Control Panel you can add users, manage users, add email addresses, add auto responders, add aliases, forward emails, create subdomains, manage web pages, get reports on traffic, add tools, get instructions and more. 













Web Traffic Analyser

A convenient and easy way of viewing your site traffic, pages visited and pages referred from in detailed daily, weekly or monthly tables or graphs. 













Up to 50 users

Every user on your account can have their own email address and their own personalised access permissions to your site. Users can log in and personalise their settings while the overall administrator will control what they can access and alter or add to on your site.  













POP3 and Web Email

Get your email delivered through an email client such as Windows Mail, MS Outlook, Thunderbird or Opera Mail. Easy to set up and convenient to use. If you're travelling around a lot or need to access mail from another computer then our included web based e-mail service is a great tool. Email accounts also include aliases, auto-responders, redirection and mailing lists. 













Miva Script, Perl, Python, PHP4, SSI, FPG

If you have no idea what these mean then they may not concern you. We just want you to know we support all these computer languages which enable a web site to be more interactive. Miva Script is an easy to use programming language that can add a lot of functionality to your site especially when used in conjunction with other languages. We use Miva Script extensively in our web site design as our preferred programming language. 













MySQL Databases

MySQL databases are supported giving you access to one of the webs most popular open source databases.













Secure Server (SSL 128bit)

If you have sensitive information you need to get from a visitor to your site, like credit card details, then you need secure server access so that data passed from them to you is encrypted. Secure certificates for your site can be set up for a small annual charge. 













Other options

Form mail, shopping carts, personal secure server ... whatever your needs, the chances are we can add it to your site. Sometimes for free, sometimes for a cost. Talk to us about what you want to see and we'll do it for you.